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Elevate your woodcutting prowess to unmatched heights with the ultimate tool of the trade—the Best Chainsaw for Professional Use in arboriculture, where precision and power reign supreme. This chainsaw stands tall as the undisputed champion.

As a seasoned professional, you understand that not all chainsaws are cut from the same cloth. Your craft demands nothing short of exceptional performance, durability, and reliability to conquer the toughest challenges on the job. 

Five Best Chainsaw for Professional Use

1. Husqvarna 572 XP 18 Inch Professional Petrol Chainsaw 

The Husqvarna 572 XP 18-inch Professional Petrol Chainsaw is a reliable and powerful tool for tough woodcutting tasks. This chainsaw is designed to offer high performance and ease of use, making it a top choice for professionals and avid woodworkers.

Power Source

Its robust and efficient petrol-powered engine is at the heart of the Husqvarna 572 XP. This motor provides an ample amount of raw power, giving you the ability to take on demanding cutting jobs with ease. Whether working on felling trees or cutting firewood, this chainsaw’s engine ensures you have the necessary muscle to do the job swiftly and efficiently.

Weight and Ergonomics

One of the remarkable aspects of the 572 XP is its balanced and ergonomic design. Despite its powerful engine, the chainsaw maintains a reasonable weight, reducing operator fatigue during extended use. The well-thought-out plan and smart weight distribution make it easier to maneuver the saw, allowing you to work comfortably for longer periods without straining your body.

Easy Start

Nobody wants to wrestle with a chainsaw while trying to start it up. The Husqvarna 572 XP addresses this frustration with its user-friendly Easy Start feature. The innovative starting mechanism makes firing the chainsaw a breeze, even on cold mornings. Now, you can spend less time struggling to start the engine and more time focusing on the task.

Chain Tensioning System

Keeping the chain at the right tension is vital for safety and optimal cutting performance. With the 572 XP, adjusting the chain tension is a hassle-free experience. The chainsaw incorporates a convenient chain tensioning system.

Maintenance and Durability

A reliable chainsaw is open to the demands of regular use. The Husqvarna 572 XP impresses this department, boasting excellent durability and easy maintenance. The build quality and choice of materials enhance its longevity, making it a long-term investment that will serve you well for years.

Noise Level

While chainsaws are known for their noise, the Husqvarna 572 XP is designed with reduced noise emissions. While still powerful, this chainsaw minimizes the disturbance caused by its operation, providing a more pleasant working environment for the user and those nearby.


  • Powerful petrol engine for demanding woodcutting tasks.
  • Balanced and ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue.
  • Easy Start feature for hassle-free engine ignition.
  • Convenient chain tensioning system for quick adjustments.
  • Durable construction for long-term use.
  • Reduced noise level for a more comfortable working experience.


  • The weight may still be heavy for some users.
  • Ordinary support is fundamental to guarantee ideal execution.
  • Replacement parts can be costly.
  • It could be better for occasional or light-duty use.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, the Husqvarna 572 XP 18-inch Professional Petrol Chainsaw undoubtedly lives up to its reputation as a powerful and reliable woodcutting tool. Its high-performance petrol engine, ease of use, and thoughtful design make it a top choice for professional woodworkers and enthusiasts.

Nonetheless, because of its greater cost tag and relatively heavier weight, it might be better suited for those with frequent and demanding cutting needs. If you’re looking for a chainsaw that can easily tackle tough jobs and offer years of reliable service, the Husqvarna 572 XP is worth considering.

2. DEWALT 60V MAX Chainsaw & Leaf Blower Kit, Cordless

If you’re searching for a versatile and powerful outdoor combo, look no further than the DEWALT 60V MAX Chainsaw & Leaf Blower Kit. This cordless kit comes with a chainsaw and a leaf blower, both powered by the innovative FLEXVOLT battery. Whether you need to tackle woodcutting tasks or keep your yard free from leaves, this kit covers you.

Power Source

The DEWALT 60V MAX Chainsaw & Leaf Blower Kit boasts cutting-edge FLEXVOLT battery technology. This powerful battery can be used with both tools in the kit, providing a consistent and reliable energy source. The FLEXVOLT battery packs an impressive punch, giving the chainsaw the strength to slice through wood easily and the leaf blower the force to clear leaves effectively.

Weight and Ergonomics

One of the major advantages of cordless tools is their portability, and the DEWALT kit doesn’t disappoint. The ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip, reducing user fatigue and allowing extended operation without discomfort.

Easy Start

Gone are the days of pulling on a starter cord endlessly. The DEWALT Chainsaw & Leaf Blower Kit features a hassle-free start-up process. You can get both tools up and running quickly with a button push. This convenient feature saves time and frustration so you can dive right into your woodcutting or leaf-clearing tasks.

Chain Tensioning System

The chainsaw in this kit incorporates a practical and efficient chain tensioning system. Keeping the chain at the right tension is crucial for safe and efficient cutting. With the tool-free chain tensioning system, you can easily adjust the chain’s tightness, ensuring optimal performance throughout your cutting sessions.

Maintenance and Durability

DEWALT is known for its commitment to quality; this kit is no exception. The chainsaw and the leaf blower are built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use. The sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, while the minimal maintenance makes these tools a breeze to keep in top shape.

Noise Level

Cordless tools have the added advantage of reduced noise compared to their gas-powered counterparts. The DEWALT 60V MAX Chainsaw & Leaf Blower Kit is designed with noise reduction in mind, allowing you to work comfortably without causing excessive disturbance to your surroundings.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for easy handling.
  • Simple push-button start for instant tool activation.
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system for quick adjustments.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Reduced noise level for a quieter working experience.


  • Battery life may vary based on the intensity of use.
  • Additional batteries can be costly for extended usage.
  • The chainsaw’s bar length may limit the size of wood it can cut.
  • Not suitable for industrial-level cutting or clearing operations.

Our Verdict

DEWALT 60V MAX Chainsaw & Leaf Blower Kit is a reliable and efficient combo for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Its cordless convenience, powered by the FLEXVOLT battery, offers the freedom to move around without being tethered to a power cord.

The lightweight design and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for everyday woodcutting and leaf-clearing tasks around the yard. While not meant for heavy-duty industrial use, this kit provides solid performance for residential applications. 

3. Stihl MS 500i Chainsaw (50 cm Blade Length)

If you’re a professional logger or a serious woodworker needing a reliable and powerful chainsaw, look no further than the STIHL MS 500i. This top-of-the-line chainsaw from the renowned STIHL brand is designed to deliver unmatched cutting performance and efficiency, making it the go-to choice for those who demand the best woodcutting tools.

Power Source

At the heart of the STIHL MS 500i is its revolutionary 2-stroke engine with fuel injection technology. This innovative powerplant combines the best of both worlds – the raw power of a 2-stroke engine and the efficiency of fuel injection. The result? An impressive power-to-weight ratio that sets new standards in the chainsaw industry. ith the MS 500i, you can experience cutting power like never before.

Weight and Ergonomics

Despite its incredible power, the STIHL MS 500i is surprisingly lightweight and well-balanced. STIHL engineers have crafted this chainsaw to ensure comfortable handling and reduce operator fatigue, even during extended use. The ergonomic design allows for better maneuverability, enabling you to work with precision and control, especially in tight spaces or challenging conditions.

Easy Start

Starting a high-performance chainsaw might sound daunting, but not with the STIHL MS 500i. Thanks to its advanced starting system, getting this beast up and running is a breeze. No more struggling with pull cords or multiple attempts to start the engine. It’s just a smooth and effortless start.

Chain Tensioning System

Efficient chain tensioning is crucial for safe and optimal cutting performance. With the STIHL MS 500i, adjusting the chain tension is simple and tool-free. The Quick Chain Tensioning (QCT) system allows you to make fast and precise adjustments on the spot, keeping the chain at the right tension for optimal cutting results.

Maintenance and Durability

STIHL is renowned for its commitment to quality and durability, and the MS 500i is no exception. Built with high-quality materials and precision engineering, this chainsaw is designed to withstand the toughest of tasks. As with any tool, regular maintenance is essential to ensure longevity and top-notch performance for many future cutting seasons.

Noise Level

Considering its remarkable power, the STIHL MS 500i is designed to minimize noise emissions. While chainsaws are inherently loud, STIHL has incorporated features to reduce noise levels, making it more comfortable for the operator and those nearby.


  • Lightweight and well-balanced design for comfortable handling.
  • Effortless starting system for quick and easy ignition.
  • Quick Chain Tensioning system for convenient chain adjustments.
  • Built with durability and high-quality materials.
  • Reduced noise level for a more pleasant working environment.


  • High-end performance comes with a premium price tag.
  • It may be too powerful for occasional or light-duty use.
  • Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance.
  • Replacement parts and repairs might be costly.
  • It is not recommended for beginners or inexperienced users.

Our Verdict

STIHL MS 500i Chainsaw is a game-changer in woodcutting tools. Its innovative 2-stroke engine with fuel injection sets a new standard for power and efficiency. Its lightweight design and user-friendly features cater to the needs of professionals and seasoned woodworkers. While it may be an investment, its exceptional cutting performance and durability make it worth every penny for those who rely on their chainsaw daily. 

4. Worx Nitro 40V 16″ Cordless Chainsaw Power Share PRO with Brushless Motor

For homeowners and DIY enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient chainsaw, the WORX WG385 Cordless Chainsaw stands out as a top contender. This cordless wonder packs a punch with its cutting performance, user-friendly features, and hassle-free operation, making it the ideal companion for woodcutting tasks.

Power Source

The WORX WG385 is powered by a robust and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing cordless freedom and convenience. This battery-driven chainsaw delivers ample power to take on various cutting projects around your property. With the release of cordless operation, you can move around easily without being restricted by power cords or outlets.

Weight and Ergonomics

The WG385 is designed with user comfort in mind. Its lightweight development makes it simple and reduces user fatigue during prolonged use. Its light effect makes it simple to handle better control and maneuverability while cutting. Now, you can easily tackle your woodcutting tasks, even in tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas.

Easy Start

No more pulling on stubborn starter cords or dealing with complicated ignition systems. The WORX WG385 features a hassle-free start-up process, allowing you to work quickly. Press a button, and the chainsaw comes to life, ready to take on your cutting projects efficiently and easily.

Chain Tensioning System

Maintaining the right chain tension is essential for safe and effective cutting. The WG385 incorporates an efficient device-free chain tensioning framework, permitting you to make quick, simple changes as needed. 

Maintenance and Durability

WORX is known for producing durable and reliable tools; the WG385 is no exception. This chainsaw is built with quality materials to withstand the demands of regular use. Regular maintenance, such as chain sharpening and lubrication, will ensure its longevity and keep it performing at its best for many cutting sessions.

Noise Level

The WG385 tends to have a quieter operation as a cordless chainsaw than gas-powered models. While chainsaws are inherently loud machines, this cordless option aims to reduce noise levels, making it more pleasant for you and your neighbours during cutting tasks.


  • Cordless convenience with a powerful lithium-ion battery.
  • Lightweight design for easy handling and reduced user fatigue.
  • Simple push-button start for quick and effortless ignition.
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system for easy adjustments.
  • Built with durability and reliable materials.


  • Battery runtime may vary depending on the intensity of use.
  • They are not as powerful as professional-grade gas chainsaws.
  • Chain oil consumption may be higher during heavy cutting.
  • Replacement batteries can be costly.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty industrial cutting applications.

Our Verdict

WORX WG385 Cordless Chainsaw is a practical and efficient cutting tool for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Its cordless design, powered by a lithium-ion battery, offers the freedom to move around without being tethered to a power source. Its lightweight construction and user-friendly features make it an excellent option for tackling woodcutting tasks around your property

5. MAXLANDER 40V Cordless Brushless Chainsaw 16 Inch Electric Battery Powered

For those seeking a versatile and powerful chainsaw that combines cordless freedom with advanced features, the MAXLANDER 40V Cordless Brushless Chainsaw is a compelling choice. This electric battery-powered chainsaw boasts a brushless motor, a long-lasting lithium battery, and a range of user-friendly features that make woodcutting tasks a breeze.

Power Source

The MAXLANDER 40V Chainsaw is powered by a high-performance 4.0Ah lithium battery, providing a reliable and consistent power source. The cordless design offers unmatched convenience, allowing you to move freely without being constrained by cords or power outlets. With its brushless motor, this chainsaw delivers efficient and smooth cutting performance.

Weight and Ergonomics

Comfort and maneuverability are paramount when using a chainsaw; the MAXLANDER 40V excels in this area. With a balanced design and optimal weight distribution, this chainsaw reduces operator fatigue, ensuring you can work comfortably for extended periods.

Easy Start

Forget about pulling cords and complicated ignition procedures. The MAXLANDER 40V Chainsaw features an easy start-up process, so you can get to work with minimal effort. Press a button, and the chainsaw springs to life, ready to take on your woodcutting projects.

Chain Tensioning System

Ensuring the proper tension of the chain is crucial for safe and efficient cutting. With the MAXLANDER 40V, adjusting the chain tension is a hassle-free experience. The tool-less tensioning system allows quick and easy adjustments to keep the chain at the right pressure for optimal performance.

Maintenance and Durability

MAXLANDER is committed to producing durable and reliable tools, and the 40V Cordless Chainsaw is no exception. Built with high-quality materials, this chainsaw is designed to withstand regular use and tough cutting tasks. Routine maintenance, such as chain lubrication, is essential to keep the chainsaw in top shape and ensure its longevity.

Noise Level

Cordless chainsaws are often praised for their quieter operation than gas-powered alternatives, and the MAXLANDER 40V is no different. This chainsaw aims to reduce noise emissions, creating a more pleasant working environment for the user and those nearby.


  • Cordless design with a powerful 4.0Ah lithium battery.
  • Balanced and ergonomic design for user comfort and control.
  • Simple push-button start for easy ignition.
  • Toolless chain tensioning system for quick adjustments.
  • Durable construction for reliable and long-lasting use.
  • Reduced noise level for a quieter working experience.


  • Battery runtime may vary based on usage intensity.
  • Chain oil consumption may increase during heavy cutting.
  • They are less powerful than high-end professional gas chainsaws.
  • Replacement batteries can be an additional cost.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty industrial cutting applications.

Our Verdict

The MAXLANDER 40V Cordless Brushless Chainsaw offers an excellent combination of convenience, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Its cordless design, powered by a long-lasting lithium battery, allows it to easily move around while cutting wood.

The brushless motor enhances its cutting performance, making it a valuable tool for various woodcutting tasks. While it may not match the power of high-end professional gas chainsaws, it is a reliable option for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. 

Professional Usage of Chainsaw

1. Arborist and Tree Care

Arborists, called tree surgeons, are highly proficient experts in tree maintenance and preservation. Equipped with chainsaws, they undertake various essential tasks to ensure trees’ overall health, safety, and aesthetic appeal across different environments.

Pruning and trimming are common practices where arborists skillfully use their chainsaws to eliminate deceased or infected branches selectively, thus improving air circulation and stimulating healthy growth.

 Another crucial aspect is tree removal, where arborists employ precise cutting techniques to safely bring down trees that may pose safety risks or exhibit structural issues.

Crown thinning and lifting come into play as they cautiously remove specific branches to allow an increased inflow of light while reducing wind resistance. This not only benefits the tree but also enhances the overall landscape.

Moreover, arborists expertly shape trees through their chainsaw prowess, crafting them into specific forms for functional and aesthetic purposes. In emergencies, such as storms or accidents, arborists respond swiftly with their chainsaws, clearing fallen trees and debris to restore safety and accessibility.

Additionally, they may install supplementary support systems like cables and braces to reinforce trees with weak or heavy branches.

 Arborists perform tree health assessments by obtaining wood samples using their chainsaws, a practice that facilitates the identification of diseases and informs the appropriate course of treatment.

Addressing the aftermath of tree removal, stump removal becomes a necessary task where chainsaws prove instrumental in grinding or extracting stumps, restoring the landscape’s appeal and minimizing potential hazards.

Arborists contribute significantly to habitat restoration and land clearing projects, selectively clearing vegetation with their chainsaws to create space for conservation efforts or development. In summary, arborists’ proficient utilization of chainsaws underscores their pivotal role as stewards of trees.

2. Logging and Forestry

In logging and forestry, the chainsaw assumes a vital role, forging a harmonious connection with proficient workers to harvest timber and steward our forest resources responsibly. This partnership epitomizes a delicate interplay between humans and nature, where the chainsaw’s potent capabilities merge with the expertise of forestry professionals.

Chainsaws function as the epicentre of tree-felling operations in logging, allowing adept loggers to execute precise and calculated cuts efficiently and safely, bringing down trees. Subsequently, the chainsaw transforms into a versatile log bucking tool, segmenting felled trees into manageable lengths, optimizing the utilization of the harvested timber and facilitating transportation.

The adept use of chainsaws expedites limbing, swiftly removing branches from fallen trees and effectively preparing logs for further processing or transportation. In sustainable forestry practices, chainsaws play a pivotal role in tree selection, where forestry experts meticulously assess the forest’s health and future growth potential, discerningly identifying trees for felling, allowing the ecosystem to regenerate naturally.

Moreover, chainsaws prove indispensable in thinning operations, enabling selective tree removal to enhance the overall health and growth of the forest, reducing competition for resources and fostering the flourishing of remaining trees. Safety remains paramount in forestry, and chainsaws are instrumental in removing hazardous trees that may pose risks to loggers or the forest ecosystem, ensuring a secure working environment.

Salvage logging is another critical application, wherein chainsaws facilitate harvesting damaged trees after forest disturbances like wildfires or disease outbreaks, enabling the recovery process and salvaging usable timber.

Chainsaws also prove invaluable in clearing trails and access roads, streamlining the transportation of harvested timber and easing forest management. Through their proficient use, chainsaws promote selective harvesting, nurturing a diverse forest ecosystem with various age classes and species compositions, contributing to sustainable forest management.

In essence, the chainsaw holds paramount importance in logging and forestry, empowering skilled professionals to manage our forest resources responsibly and striking a balance between human needs and ecological preservation for the well-being of present and future generations.

3. Ice and Rock Climbing

Ice and rock climbing are thrilling pursuits that attract adventure seekers to the awe-inspiring realm of nature’s vertical playground. These exhilarating sports demand a unique blend of skills, mental strength, and specialized equipment, among them the indispensable chainsaw, which surprisingly plays a significant role in these daring endeavours.

Amidst frozen landscapes of icy cliffs and cascading waterfalls, ice climbers rely on their axes and crampons to ascend. Nevertheless, ice formations prove too formidable in certain cases for conventional gear alone. This is where the chainsaw comes to the rescue. Modified chainsaws enable ice climbers to craft footholds and ledges in thick ice, opening doors to otherwise inaccessible climbs.

Amidst craggy cliffs and rugged mountains, rock climbers find themselves at home in the vertical world. Traditional climbing entails utilizing hands and feet to grip natural features, but rock formations sometimes need to be more unyielding for standard gear. In these scenarios, the chainsaw becomes a valuable ally. Climbers utilize chainsaws to create holds, notches, and custom paths, navigating the most challenging rock faces. 

Bolt placements are pivotal in climbing routes, ensuring safety and protection. Chainsaws prove instrumental in preparing these placements, crafting precise holes to guarantee secure anchor points for ropes and equipment.

Moreover, in emergencies, chainsaws become indispensable tools in rescue operations. Stranded or injured climbers in remote and treacherous locations can benefit from chainsaws’ ability to clear paths, remove obstacles, and even create emergency shelters. In distant climbing destinations, chainsaws prove invaluable for clearing trails and establishing safe approaches to climbing sites, streamlining access and minimizing ecological impact.

Climbers also embrace environmental conservation during expeditions. Chainsaws remove outdated and potentially hazardous fixed gear, ensuring minimal disruption to natural rock and ice formations. Caution is of utmost importance in chainsaw use for ice and rock climbing. A high level of skill, adherence to safety protocols, and environmental awareness are paramount to prevent harm to nature and preserve the beauty of climbing areas.


Q: What is the best chainsaw for professional use?

The best chainsaw for professional use is a high-powered gas-powered model with a large bar length, typically 20 to 24 inches. This ensures efficiency and versatility when tackling various cutting tasks.

Q: Can electric chainsaws be suitable for professional use?

While electric chainsaws have advantages, there may be more suitable choices for heavy-duty professional use. Gas-powered chainsaws provide the necessary power and runtime required for demanding jobs.

Q: What are the advantages of using a gas-powered chainsaw for professional tasks?

Gas-powered chainsaws offer several advantages for professional use, including higher power output, longer cutting bar options, and the ability to handle intensive and prolonged cutting tasks without requiring frequent recharging.

Q: Is a chainsaw with a large engine necessary for professional use?

A chainsaw with a large and powerful engine is often preferred for professional use. A robust engine ensures the chainsaw can handle tough materials and prolonged use without overheating or losing performance.

Q: What type of chainsaw handle design is best for professional users?

Professional users often prefer rear-handle chainsaws as they provide better control and maneuverability. This design allows for one-handed operation, making tackling complex cutting angles and positions easier.

Q: How important is the durability of a chainsaw for professional use?

Durability is paramount for professional use. Professional-grade chainsaws are built with high-quality materials and construction to withstand heavy workloads, frequent use, and challenging cutting conditions.

Q: Can a professional chainsaw be used for other tasks besides cutting wood?

Yes, professional chainsaws can be versatile tools. They can be used for tasks beyond cutting wood, such as pruning, limbing, felling trees, and even cutting through various materials in construction and rescue operations.

Q: What safety features should I look for in a chainsaw for professional use?

Safety is crucial for professional chainsaw users. Look for features like chain brakes, low kickback chains, anti-vibration systems, and ergonomic designs to reduce the risk of accidents and minimize user fatigue.

Q: How often should a chainsaw used for professional purposes be maintained?

Regular maintenance is essential for a chainsaw used in professional settings. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance intervals, including chain sharpening, fuel and oil checks, and cleaning after each use.

Q: What type of chain is best suited for professional chainsaws?

Professional chainsaws often use full-chisel chains for their fast cutting speed and efficiency. However, semi-chisel chains are common as they retain sharpness longer and are more forgiving in challenging cutting conditions.

Q: Can a professional chainsaw handle extreme weather conditions?

Many professional chainsaws are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including cold temperatures and wet environments. Look for models with weather-resistant features to ensure reliable operation in any climate.

Q: Should I consider the weight of the chainsaw for professional use?

Yes, the weight of the chainsaw matters for professional use. While a heavier chainsaw may offer more power, it can also increase user fatigue during prolonged cutting sessions. Balance power and weight based on your specific needs.

Q: Are there any environmental considerations when using a chainsaw for professional tasks?

Yes, being environmentally responsible is essential for professional chainsaw users. Adhere to local regulations regarding tree cutting and ensure proper disposal of waste materials. Additionally, consider using eco-friendly two-stroke oil and maintaining your chainsaw to reduce emissions.


We’ve uncovered the ultimate powerhouse chainsaw for professional use. Its state-of-the-art features and precision engineering make it a true game-changer in the industry. This top-notch tool excels in every aspect, from heavy-duty tasks to delicate craftsmanship.

Now, equip yourself with this masterpiece and witness your work reach new heights of excellence. Let the saw talk as you sculpt, trim, and create with unmatched finesse. 

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